How to conveniently access Unsplash stock images right inside your WordPress Media Library

The most popular stock image library is by far Unsplash. It was little known for a while, just a place where generous photographers were contributing their work. But then Unsplash developed a way to connect with other apps like Notion, Circle, and even WordPress.

By installing the instant images you can search the entire library of stock images from (and a few others) without downloading and uploading images to your media library. This saves time and makes it easy to have professional images to use on your site.

Step 1. Install Instant Images

Search Instant Images in the plugin repository, install, then activate. Now you'll see Instant Images every time you open the media library.

Step 2. Insert Images

Your search term is the most important part. Find the image you want, and then add it to your post or page. Amazing.

You can use this for featured images, and also inside blog posts and pages.

Any time you open your media library you'll see the "Instant Images" tab where you can browse stock images and insert them onto your site.