Trazz Sawyer with former World Boxing Heavyweight Champion James "Buster" Douglas

Trazz Sawyer with former NBA players Larry Jones and Granville Waiters


Trazz Sawyer, "Nothing is impossible! If it were impossible you would not have conceived the thought of it's possibility in the first place."

I am located in Ithaca New York and is a book author, screenwriter, song writer, musician, community event organizer, motivational speaker, and a pretty good cook and baker! My primary love is for writing books, especially children's books with a positive note.

Currently, I have available such books. One is Titled LITTLE ANTIFREEZE, and the other is 8 OUNCES OF WATER FOR 8 HOURS OF MAGIC that I co-authored with Joseph Ponder and my sister Saveana (Sawyer) Warren. This is the first book of the 8/8 series of books. Book Two in this series we expect to have in print by late 2020 or early 2021.

LITTLE ANTIFREEZE is a fun adventure story that is positive and informative upon several subjects and fun reading for all age groups, especially children and youth.

The next book on schedule for publishing is my very powerful Autobiography Titled WORSE THAN A NOBODY, then after this our fictional novel BLACKIE SUN which is a western novel that spans the deep south and slavery, and has significant true historical facts integrated within the story.

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8 OUNCES OF WATER FOR 8 HOURS OF MAGIC is currently available. Please contact me via email for purchase! Also available on

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Services offered for aspiring writers

Do you have an awesome story concept for a book but just can't seem to properly develop it into a manuscript worthy of publishing? Trazz can assist you and turn that concept idea into a real , viable, complete manuscript!

Have you lived an amazing life that have mounted into a true book-worthy story that must be told to the world? Look no further, Trazz can help you:

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Also, please now purchase the incredibly positive, and positively fun book LITTLE ANTIFREEZE, right at your fingertips below!

Little Antifreeze


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Nothing Is Impossible!